Bespoke Adventure Rallies

Do you have an idea for an exciting bespoke rally, but don’t know where to start with the planning, simply don’t have the time to put it together, or need professional help to turn your dream into a reality?

If so, this is where Max Adventure can help.

Over the past 25 years we’ve scaled mountains, crossed deserts, fought our way through jungles, endured extreme temperatures, and driven through the most stunning wilderness that this planet has to offer.

Exciting driving adventures in remote and challenging locations is what we do. From the smallest of ideas we can create a unique, ambitious, memorable and possibly life-changing adventure for you. Whether you are a solo traveller or part of a large group, undertaking a personal ambition or a fund-raising challenge to help others, we can create a unique driving adventure just for you, your friends, work colleagues, employees or clients.

Not only can we create the adventure, our professional team can source the vehicles, train, clothe, equip and support you anywhere in the world. No matter which vehicle you plan to use, from a banger to a bus, we’ll get you to places and experience things that you never dreamt of.

Contact us to bring your dream to life.

Extreme professionals, you couldn't be in better hands

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