Driven to Extremes

“The Road to Recovery”

Charity Supporting Veterans with PTSD

Following the success of the ‘Vivaro Siberia Challenge’ in which 3 injured ex-soldiers joined us on a life-changing 12,000 mile overland vehicle expedition to far eastern Russia, Max Adventure launched Driven to Extremes to help more of our veterans that are suffering from PTSD.

Where as other activities such as Polar trekking can allow too much thinking time, vehicle expeditions can cross continents in a matter of days. The intense exposure to rapidly changing landscapes, climates and cultures bombards the veterans with new and exciting experiences, pushing horrific memories to the back of their minds.

In December 2016, the Driven to Extremes initiative was announced a winner of the BFGoodrich Tyres’ Good Project award to be promoted globally by the company.

Under the strapline  ‘Feel Low…Drive High’, our first expedition will be to Europe’s highest village – Ushguli, Georgia, nestled under the 17,000’ peak of Mount Shkhara. This 6,000 mile adventure in September 2017 will see the veterans tackle the stunning passes of the Caucuses Mountains, before returning via Stalingrad and Moscow.


Clearly this is a very worthwhile cause and I wish you and your team every success

Col. John Blashford-Snell OBE - British Explorer