From the freezing wastes of the high Arctic and thin air of the Himalayas, to the world’s most stifling Jungles and inhospitable Deserts, we’ve undertaken high-profile expeditions in the most challenging locations on the planet.

Max Adventure are the Adventure, Expedition and Remote Location specialists. We are a single point solution for all your expedition, adventure and remote location needs.


Adventures are a great way to draw in an audience and hold their attention.

In today’s world of consumer choice, getting your brand noticed is more and more difficult. Digital TV channels, website magazines and internet radio mean consumers are more spread out amongst the media that they choose to engage with. It is increasingly difficult for companies to advertise their products to an ever-less captive audience.

Adventures are a great way to draw in an audience and hold their attention whilst expedition teams battle their way across hostile terrain or scale death-defying peaks.
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We have operated vehicles right across the globe.

Driven to Extremes expeditions are a series of challenging vehicle adventures to some of the most remote and inhospitable locations on the planet. They are journeys of endurance, perseverance, resilience, and initiative, which test camaraderie, humour, team spirit and a sense of adventure to its limits.

Driven to Extremes expeditions are planned, led and supported by the Max Adventure team, remote location and adventure specialists with over 20 years experience of operating in some of the world’s harshest environments. Across Arctic wilderness and vast Deserts, through dense Jungles and over huge Mountain ranges, we have operated vehicles right across the globe.

Planning & Logistics

We provide planning services for teams operating on a variety of challenging expeditions around the world. We have worked with large teams on multi-million pound global brands. Whether you want to trek, climb or drive in the arctic, desert, jungle or mountains, we have successfully planned expeditions for all of them.
TV & Film

Completed Expeditions

Driven to Extremes

Hollywood celebs driving the coldest, hottest & toughest roads on the planet

Siberia Challenge

A gruelling 12,000 mile expedition to far-eastern Siberia to demonstrate the tough qualities of the new model Vivaro van

Xtreme Everest

Caudwell Xtreme Everest was the largest-ever medical research expedition at high altitude. Max Adventure were brought in to handle the logistics.

London to Cape Town

10,000 miles…21 countries…2 continents…in under 13 days 8 hours 48 minutes.

Exel North Pole

Sir Ranulph Fiennes attempt to reach the North Pole solo and unsupported.

Land Rover Global

From London to New York via the treacherous Bering Strait.

Bering Strait

First crossing of the treacherous Bering Strait by amphibious vehicle.

Moss Marathon

Max Adventure recreated Sir Stirling Moss’ 1952 challenge of visiting 15 countries of Europe in less than 5 days.

Europe's Highest

Climbing the highest mountain in every country of Europe.

More being added soon

Past Clients